Mr. Reynolds Played By Tom Edwards

Mr. Reynolds is a husband, father and master manipulator.

26th Aug
Tom Edwards - Portrait

Mrs. Reynolds Played By Janice Ryan

Mrs, Reynolds is a once strong, now defeated wife and mother.

26th Aug
Janice Ryan Portrait

Abby Played By Brynn Huber

Abby is An innocent, shy little girl

26th Aug
Brynn Huber

Mrs. Tate played by Brandy Huff

Mrs. Tate is the new career woman of the era

26th Aug
Brandy Huff Portrait

Mr. Tate Played By Jamie Ruryk

A clean cut career man with a seemingly perfect family

26th Aug
Jamie Ruryk portrait

May Played By Kristin Rain-Kootenay

May is a beautiful Aboriginal girl and new foster child to the Reynolds

24th Aug
Kristen Headshot