Anthony Alfonso Played By Dylan Poyser

Anthony is a cute boy. He is already a fan of the ladies.

23rd Aug
Dylan Poyser headshot

Long Haired Boy Played By Adam McLauchlin


22nd Aug
Adam McLauchlin Headshot

Blonde Haired Boy Played By Ethan Fehr

20th Aug
Ethan Fehr Headshot

Young May Played By Anna May Patenaude

Photos line Mr. Reynolds Den of their new foster child, taken from the Reserve.

17th Aug
Anna May Patenaude Headshot

Aboriginal Boy Played By Jeffery Sebastian – Tsetta

This little Aboriginal boy is May’s son. He bounces all day in his jolly jumper.

09th Jul
jeffery tsetta

Aboriginal Boy Played By Eric Cinnamon

09th Jul
Eric Cinnamon Headshot